Puppet Hockey Game

Puppet Hockey Game

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Prepare to enter a whimsical and uproarious world where hockey takes on a whole new dimension. Puppet Hockey, a game that will have you hooked from the very first drop of the puck, delivers a delightful dose of laughter and addiction. Brace yourself for an online showdown like no other as you engage in hilarious 1-on-1 battles, embodying the spirit of the 12 mightiest international ice hockey teams. As you take control of your puppet athlete, you realize that scoring goals is not merely a taskā€”it's an adventure drenched in sidesplitting hilarity. Have fun!

11,106 play times

How to Play Puppet Hockey Game

Use the arrows and F, touch screen.

Unleash your Inner Trickster in the Puppet Hockey game

Picture it: a flurry of comically oversized sticks, bobble-headed players, and outrageous antics on the ice. You're not just playing hockey; you're stepping into a riotous circus where the laws of gravity and logic are tossed aside. With your trusty stick in hand, it's time to unleash your inner trickster. Maneuver around the ice, dodging opponents with nimble agility, your puppet legs moving in a frenzy. And when the perfect opportunity presents itself, unleash a thunderous shot that echoes with sheer audacity. Watch with glee as the puck sails through the air, defying all sense of reason, aiming to nestle itself into your opponent's net.

In Puppet Hockey, the goal is simple: unleash your inner mirth and score as many goals as your heart desires. Leave your opponents in fits of laughter as you defy the laws of physics, reveling in the sheer absurdity of it all. Prepare to immerse yourself in a game where skill and hilarity collide, where victory is sweet and laughter reigns supreme. The stage is set, the puppets are ready - let the uproarious ice hockey extravaganza begin!

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