Grand Race Game

Grand Race Game

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Grand Race is a 3D formula 1 racing game were you get to enjoy the thrill of driving the fastest cars in the world. Enter the world of pro racing and make your name one race at a time. You can choose your team and represent your club throughout the world. Remember you will be in race with the best talent of each country and your driving skills will be challenged tremendously. You can also upgrade your cars to their full potential and reach crazy speeds. Get to know what happens behind the scenes in the world of F1 racing. If you have the skill to drive and a speed junkie then this game is for you. Play now and see if you can even finish a track. Have fun!

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How to Play Grand Race Game

Use arrow keys or WASD to drive. R to reset car. C to change camera view. Grand Race is a level based racing game. The objective of the game is to reach the finish line and beat all other pro racers of the world in a race. The races are hard to win and will definitely test your speed driving. You can freely choose which club you want to represent and get your name in the best drivers of the world.