Numan Athletics Game

Numan Athletics Game

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Numan Athletics is a 1993 competitive sports arcade game developed and released by Namco. If you go more into the details you will quickly find out that more precisely it is a bunch of several futuristic sports minigames. The player controls 'numan' - a superhuman. Four numans (numen?) compete in eight bizarre competitions, such as throwing a rocket, running (faster than a dragster), and shooting targets (with fireballs or missiles). Numan Athletics gained popularity not only for its innovative gameplay mechanics but also for its multiplayer mode. The game allowed up to four players to compete simultaneously, adding a social and competitive aspect that further elevated the excitement and enjoyment. Have fun!

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How to Play Numan Athletics Game

Use number 5 key to add credits. Let the number keys 1 through 4 the decide how many players will join. Use the arrow keys, CTRL or ALT to run.

Brief History of the Numan Athletics Video Game

Numan Athletics, released in 1993, is a captivating and competitive sports arcade game developed by the renowned game developer Namco. It stands out as an engaging title that brought a fresh twist to the world of sports gaming during its era. In Numan Athletics, players are invited to partake in an extraordinary athletic event that transcends the boundaries of reality. Numan Athletics was one of the most popular arcade games in Japan in the month of October 1993.

The game's premise revolves around a fictional future society known as "Numa-Numa," where sports have evolved into a futuristic spectacle. Drawing inspiration from classic Olympic events, Numan Athletics takes the concept to the next level by introducing exaggerated, high-flying, and gravity-defying action.

Unlike traditional sports games, Numan Athletics takes a more arcade-style approach. It features a combination of track and field events that showcase the extraordinary capabilities of its futuristic athletes. Players have the opportunity to compete in events such as sprinting, long jump, high jump, hurdles, pole vault, archery, and more.

With its imaginative concept, exhilarating gameplay, and multiplayer capabilities, Numan Athletics left a lasting impression on arcade-goers during its release. It stands as a testament to Namco's dedication to pushing the boundaries of gaming and delivering unique experiences that captivate players of all ages. Though time has passed since its debut, Numan Athletics remains a beloved classic among arcade enthusiasts, serving as a nostalgic reminder of an era when gaming offered fantastical worlds where ordinary athletes transformed into extraordinary champions.