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Internet users these days are faced with information overload - there's simply no way to take in every site out there. The web keeps surprising everyone with unexpected shifts, trends, and developments. On you will find 3 top 10 list ranking our web games: this months most popular games, last months most popular games and all time most popular sport games. You will most likely look at these lists and form an opinion. You might agree, disagree or even become surprised or maybe all this was exactly what you expected? Well, if you study these lists good you will probably find some online sports games you want to try to play.

People Have Good Time Playing our Sport Games

Pool, Soccer and Bowling are our most popular categories. Every month there some changes to our top 10 lists, but you will usually always find some fun web games from these categories. Among our most popular titles you will find sport web games such as 8 Ball Pool, Penalty Kick Wiz, World Cup Differences, Soccer Heroes, Classic Bowling and Pro Bowling 3D. As you can surely tell sport games where aiming is important are very popular among our audience. As days go by things usually change and our top 10 list might be dominated by web browser games from other categories one day. Who knows maybe games from genre such as Baseball, Boxing, Golf, Street Sports or Tennis might be on the top 10 lists.

Why Most People Love Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists are popular and commonly used in everyday life. Sometimes the list might be for a topic in school, where the teacher wants to compile key information for a test. It might be a list of the Top 10 Restaurants in the area that you are visiting. Whatever the reason for looking at the list in the first place, there are reasons why a list is more appealing than an essay, or other such mediums. Some of these reasons have physical relevance (such as having to read up on a topic in the 5 minutes before leaving the house) and others are phycological reasons why a list is more appealing to the human brain than a lesson, lecture or long-winded essay. When you only have a short time in which to find information, lists are really helpful because although they may contain a lot of information, the key information is short and concise, meaning that to find the essential information, you only need to skim read the points. The human brain instinctively wants the easiest and most efficient way to complete action. The finding and learning of information is one of such actions. Top ten lists, then, are a lot like fast food in many respects - they're cheap, the taste is overrated and they do nothing for your waistline, but we quite happily munch through them anyway.