Athletics Hero Game

Athletics Hero Game

Athletics Hero Game Online - Play Fun Track and Field Olympics Games

Compete in the Summer Athletic Sports with the 100 meter, Javelin and Triple jump. Follow the in game instructions to run, throw or jump. Upgrade your hero skills such as speed, timing, power and stamina. Play to win the gold medal. Have fun!

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How to Play Athletics Hero Game

On a desktop use left and right arrows to move sideways and use spacebar to jump. Touch the control spots on the screen if you have a touch screen device.

2008 Summer Olympics in China

China was the host nation of the 2008 Summer Olympics. China was represented by the Chinese Olympics Committee, and the team of selected athletes were officially known as Team China. As the host country, China had a total of 639 athletes qualified for places on the national team, being the largest in its Olympics history. Chinese athletes qualified to compete in all 28 Olympics sports for the first time. Among these athletes, 469 had competed at their first Olympics. The main rights to Olympic coverage in China were held by China Central Television, and the 2008 Summer Olympics wasthe first ever Olympics to be broadcast in high definition (HDTV). Pollution was major problem with the Olympics in China 2008 as China is failing to meet its environmental targets. 16 cities in the world with the worst air pollution are located in China. During the 2008 Olympics it was a times hard to see the athletes throught all the smog. In the years to come some of these athletes where facing serious health problems from breathing the heavy polluted air.

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