Championship Bowling Game

Championship Bowling Game

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Step into the world of competitive bowling with Championship Bowling, the groundbreaking video game released by Romstar in 1989. Experience the thrill of the lanes as you compete against skilled opponents in a realistic virtual bowling environment. With its advanced graphics and smooth gameplay, Championship Bowling transports you back to the golden era of arcade gaming, offering an immersive bowling experience like no other. Test your skills across multiple challenging lanes, each with its own unique characteristics and obstacles, providing endless hours of engaging gameplay. Whether you're a seasoned bowler or new to the sport, Championship Bowling caters to all skill levels, allowing you to customize your gameplay and improve your technique as you strive for that perfect game. Grab your virtual bowling ball, don your bowling shoes, and get ready for a nostalgic journey filled with strikes, spares, and intense bowling action in Championship Bowling by Romstar. It's time to knock down those pins and become a true champion of the lanes!

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How to Play Championship Bowling Game

For the best experience, push the full screen button. First use number key 5 to add credits (you can reduce your credits by pushing number key 1). Change your person with the space key. Move the ball with arrow. Adjust the path (before your throw it) with the CTRL key. Push the up arrow to throw the ball. Important: The first time you run the game, an ERROR appears because the NVRAM needs initializing. To proceed, just press 1 (P1 Start).