Hockey Challenge 3D Game

Hockey Challenge 3D Game

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Prepare to unleash your inner sharpshooter as you take on the mind-bending, heart-pounding challenge of Crazy Tricky Shot! Your goal? Nail that shot right into the heart of the net in this electrifying hockey game! Grab your mouse or tap your way to glory and let the adrenaline rush begin. Get ready for the ride of your life – it's time to have an absolute blast!

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How to Play Hockey Challenge 3D Game

Use your mouse or touch to play the game.

What is Power Play in Ice Hockey

In ice hockey, Power Play refers to a situation in which one team has a numerical advantage over the opposing team due to one or more players from the opposing team being penalized and serving time in the penalty box. When a team is on a power play, they have more players on the ice than their opponents, typically resulting in a five-on-four or five-on-three situation.

The most common scenarios leading to a power play are penalties such as tripping, hooking, slashing, or high-sticking, among others. When a player commits one of these infractions, they are sent to the penalty box for a specified amount of time, typically two minutes. The penalized team must then play with fewer players for the duration of the penalty, giving the opposing team the advantage.

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