Dungeon Golf Game

Dungeon Golf Game

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Picture this: Dungeons, the last place you'd ever expect to find a golf course! It's a mind-bending maze of perilous obstacles and insidious traps, just waiting to thwart your every move. But hold on to your putters, folks, because this is no ordinary game of golf—it's mini golf in the darkest, dankest dungeon you can imagine (duh!). Get ready to unleash your inner warrior as you boldly whack your way through fiery rivers of lava, devilish traps, and menacing monsters with a choice of weaponry that includes a lute (yes, you heard that right), your mighty fists, or even your own skeletal leg! And guess what? In this nail-biting quest for glory, you can not only score a hole-in-one, but also aim for the elusive hole-in-none! Will you emerge as the true Dungeon Golf champion, conquering the treacherous course and competing with your friends online or side by side in an epic battle for the ages? Prepare to swing your way to victory in the most unlikely of places, where legends are made, and dungeons are conquered!

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How to Play Dungeon Golf Game

Touch and drag to push a ball.

Dungeon Golf Game Walkthrough: