Ping Pong Masters 93 Game

Ping Pong Masters 93 Game

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Dive into the heart-pounding realm of Ping Pong Masters, an electrifying sports game that transcends the boundaries of time! Crafted with sheer gaming brilliance by ALTSO and unleashed by the powerhouse Electronic Devices Italy, this adrenaline-fueled masterpiece hit the scene in the epic gaming year of 1993. Whether you're a solo virtuoso or gearing up for an intense head-to-head showdown, Ping Pong Masters propels you into a riveting world of skill and strategy. Picture the neon glow of '90s arcades, where every flick of the wrist sent shockwaves through the virtual table. Get ready to unleash your inner paddle warrior in this iconic gaming saga that's etched into the annals of excitement and innovation!

10,798 play times

How to Play Ping Pong Masters 93 Game

5=Insert Coin, 1=Start. Use the arrow keys to move. Use the CTRL to hit the ball.

The 1993 World Table Tennis Championships

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