Mini Golf Jurassic Game

Mini Golf Jurassic Game

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Well, we all love Mini Golf, right? Who doesn't have awesome memories of playing a few holes while away on vacation or visiting somewhere fun. What else does our head suddenly associate with crazy golf? It has to be dinosaurs and th Jurassic world. The good thing about games is we can make them even better than the real world, we're not restricted by physics or cost. We can make the dinosaurs come to life, have them walking around the silly putt course and even have them interact with objects and the balls without having to have a crazy animatronics budget. So welcome to the world of Mini Golf: Jurassic, where we have truly tried to give the real feel of being in the prehistoric world but obviously in a kind of where we can add the course and levels too! You will encounter real creatures and prehistoric plants while hitting your ball along the courses, over crazy obstacles, through tubes and tunnels and even avoiding falling track parts. We have started with a HUGE 50 levels and 2 game modes, making a total of 100 levels if you plan on playing both game modes!

10,320 play times

How to Play Mini Golf Jurassic Game

Use your mouse to interact.

Why you should play mini golf?

According to Adventure Golf Dayton there are many reasons why you should play miniature golf of mini golf. Miniature golf encourages using math skills. At each hole, you have to calculate your score. Hand-eye coordination is a skill that is improved. When getting ready to putt, each person needs to concentrate on where he/she wants the ball to go so concentration skills are improved during a game of mini golf. There are also a lot of other benefits, but, most of all you should play it because it is a fun sport for the whole family.