Micro Golf Game

Micro Golf Game

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Micro Golf, where the greens are miniature, but the adventure is colossal! Get ready to test your golfing finesse as you strive to score those golf balls into the tricky holes, all while navigating a wild obstacle course. But wait, there's more! In each level, you'll encounter gateways sealed tighter than a treasure chest, just waiting for your ingenious touch to unlock them. And let's not forget the whimsical windmills that can either be your best friend or your greatest foe on your path to glory. So, grab your club, tee up, and prepare for a whopping 30 levels of heart-pounding golfing escapades. It's time to channel your inner golfing genius, conquer those obstacles, and have an absolute blast while you're at it!

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How to Play Micro Golf Game

Use mouse or touch the screen!

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