Carrom Clash Game

Carrom Clash Game

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Get ready to take charge of the striker and unleash your dazzling skills! Slide that striker left and right with lightning speed using the control bar at the bottom. The goal? Pot all those slick pucks before your opponent knows what hit 'em! Each time you sink a puck, you're on fire, and your turn keeps blazing on. But be cautious, one slip, and your moment in the spotlight vanishes if you don't sink a puck or if you foul up. Now, in the Freestyle arena, each puck packs a punch in points! It's a high-stakes game where every move counts. Be the first to hit that target score, and you'll be the true champ! Keep your momentum alive by potting pucks with style. The battle for supremacy is on, so let's see who can keep the momentum rolling and conquer the puck potting frenzy!

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How to Play Carrom Clash Game

Use your mouse. Drag to aim/release to shoot. Move the striker left and right using the bar at the bottom. Pot all the pucks before the opponent to win.