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Billiards Game

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Get ready for the ultimate billiard challenge where speed is your best friend! Your mission: Pocket all the balls in a race against time. There's a full rack of balls waiting for your lightning-fast skills, and the clock is ticking. Can you clear the table before time runs out? Your greatness is measured by how many seconds it takes you to sink every ball. Your record isn't just a score; it's a testament to your lightning-quick precision. Brace yourself for the most thrilling billiard experience ever and show the world how fast you can conquer the table. Enjoy the rush of the game!

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How to Play Billiards Game

Use mouse or touch to play this game.

Fun Billiards Facts for Kids

According to the University of Michigan throughout history, billiards has bridged the gap between the aristocracy and the masses. Both gentlemen and street toughs played. Billiards is one of the safest sports in the world (unless you get smacked in the face with the cue ball, that's never fun!). There are 15 colored balls in billiards, 7 solid, 7 striped and the black 8-ball. Chalk is applied to the tip of the pool cue to aid in good contact with the Cue ball. The Break is the first shot beginning a game of Billiards. The world's largest billiard hall was built during billiards Golden Age. The Recreation, a mammoth seven-story health spa, was a bustling Detroit business in the 1920's. It featured 103 tables, 88 bowling lanes, 20 barber chairs, three manicuring stands, 14 cigar stands, a lunch counter on each floor, a restaurant that could seat 300, and an exhibition room with theater seating, that could accommodate 250 spectators.

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