League Bowling Game

League Bowling Game

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Remake of the League Bowling classic arcade game which was first release July 1st 1991. This is a classic multi-player bowling game. The object of the game is self explanatory, just knock over the bowling skittles, and do your best to try to get a strike. You might not be impressed by the graphics, but the developers of this game nailed the sound of the ball hitting the pins. Have Fun!

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How to Play League Bowling Game

Get some credits and click enter key to start. Use the arrows to move the bowler. Use the X key to select the angle and power. There are more detailed control information within the game, and you even have a chance to change the controls.

The History of League Bowling

Developed and published by SNK, League Bowling was first released July 1st 1991, and is a multi-player game of the sport/bowling sim genre. The game was unique in that it was the first arcade to put emphasis on bowling. The players controls characters with red and blue hair and can select balls from 8 to 15 pounds. The object of the game is self explanatory. But why this version of bowling succeeded where the many before have failed is it's simplicity in every aspect. The game featured very basic control inputs, such as; one press for the spin control and a second for the power setting. There were also three modes of play, which are; Regular game: this mode is the standard rules and regulation of bowling. Flash mode: this is an interesting take on the standard game, where points are earned depending on what amount is displayed in a grid that is situated above the pins. Strike 90: This mode just changes the scoring system of strikes and spares. The League Bowling's graphics are pretty standard fair, and are typical of the early game releases for the system. The sprites and backgrounds are vibrant, and the player is treated with various animations depending on how well you are playing. There is nothing spectacular about the in game sounds, but the sound of the ball hitting the pins sounds pretty convincing. To date there is no history to say if there are any sequels or if the game was converted onto any other platform.