Golf Masters Game

Golf Masters Game

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Are you ready to ascend to the title of Golf Master and channel the electrifying nostalgia of 80s arcade golf? Immerse yourself in this wildly addictive, retro-inspired golf game, where it's just you, your trusty club, and that elusive golf ball. There are no distractions, no crowds – only pure golfing action. Your mission? To command the ball's every move with a simple click anywhere on your screen. Feel the rush as you draw back and release the ball mid-air, harnessing that extra bit of power to propel it towards the goal with unbridled precision. Are you up for the challenge, ready to be counted among the elite Golf Masters of the game? Your moment of glory awaits

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How to Play Golf Masters Game

Use your mouse, drag to aim and release to shoot.

Golf Masters Game Walkthrough: