Animal Olympics Triple Jump Game

Animal Olympics Triple Jump Game

Animal Olympics Triple Jump Game - Play Fun Animal Sports Online

In the Triple Jump event, join the kiwi kingdom and seize the gold! You'll control a kiwi in the game, aiming to jump as far as possible. When the game starts, the kiwi will be on the field. Press the left and right arrow keys alternately to make the kiwi run, then press the up arrow key to jump. Hold the up arrow key to set the jumping angle; a power gauge will appear, and you can release the key when the angle is right for the kiwi to jump and land in the sand pit. The jump distance will be displayed, and the referee will check the camera record to see if the jump is clean (a white flag will be raised) or if it's a foul (a red flag will be shown, and the jump will be forfeited if the kiwi stepped on the takeoff line). The kiwi will return to the field for the remaining attempts. The current best distance will be shown at the top right corner of the screen. If the kiwi's result is good enough after all attempts, it will receive a medal. Can you lead the kiwi to glorious victory?

11,112 play times

How to Play Animal Olympics Triple Jump Game

Use the arrow keys to move, and spacebar to jump. You will see the kiwi on the field when you click the start. Press the left and right arrow keys to help kiwi run on the field. Help it to jump using the up arrow key and set the jumping angle holding the up arrow key. You will see a power gauge on the screen when you hold the up arrow key. Release the key immediately if you find out the jumping angle suitable at that time. This will help the kiwi to jump and land on the sand pit perfectly.

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