Treze Snowboard Game

Treze Snowboard Game

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Do amazing tricks in air with your snowboard! You're a snowboarder going down a snowy mountain. Avoid the rocks and eagles by clicking any key on your keyboard, your mouse or touching your mobile device's screen to jump. Catch stars to collect extra points. The longer you snowboard, the faster you'll go and the more obstacles you'll have to avoid. Hold your jump longer to somersault and get extra points. Have fun!

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How to Play Treze Snowboard Game

Use your mouse or your keyboard to jump.

The Top 5 Cool Snowboarding Tricks

The hottest tricks in competition today are the insane multi-cork spins that weren't even thought to be possible 10 years ago. Best Street / Urban Shred Trick: 90s skate style is the only way to go. Handplants, disasters, 270 front boards, 5-0s, front-blunts, crail grabs, laid out wildcats, chinese firecrackers and basically hitting anything you possibly can. Best Backcountry Trick: When you are launching through trees and over huge gaps in the backcountry, it is not necessary (or wise) to huck such incredibly technical tricks like the 1440. Best Park Trick: The Rodeo Flip has been happening for years now, one of the coolest blends of spin and inversion. The Numero Uno Greatest Snowboard Trick: The Method is such a classic maneuver; stylish, explosive, and timeless, it's gotta be numero uno. It has been cemented into the snowboarding canon by such shred gods as Terje Haakonsen and Jamie Lynn.