Stock Car Hero Game

Stock Car Hero Game

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Embark on a high-speed adventure across the vast expanse of North America in the heart-pounding Stock Car Series! Skillfully maneuver through traffic, unleash turbo-charged speed around gravity-defying banked corners, amass a fortune in gleaming coins, and fine-tune your racing machine for the ultimate showdown. Do you possess the unwavering determination and skill to become the Stock Car Hero the world has been yearning for?

10,350 play times

How to Play Stock Car Hero Game

Your car drives automatically. Press A/D or left/right arrow to steer. Compete across North America as you race in the Stock Car Series.

Why Stock Car Racing is so Fascinating

If you love Cars in general, I am sure you will love stock car racing. Stock car racing is not just about 20+ car's running round the track several times, it's the adrenaline rush that all of us feel watching a race getting unfold. Driving a car is not just about understanding the mechanical aspects of driving a car, it's about controlling something on your own in various critical conditions, it's also about enjoying yourself handle that piece of metal unfolding it's marvel which indeed what it was made for. Reaching 150mph is really a thrilling experience and some people do it to support there livelihood. It's a really mind blowing experience.

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