Just Golf Game

Just Golf Game

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Get ready for an extraordinary golfing journey that's anything but ordinary! Just Golf is the ultimate fusion of minimalism and mind-bending puzzles, featuring a whopping 210 levels that'll push your skills to the limit. Your mission? It's simple – drop that ball into the hole marked with the alluring red flag. But don't be fooled by the simplicity; the challenges get trickier as you progress! The best part? You're not limited by the number of plays – the fun is unlimited! Plus, we've got your back with guided aiming to make those epic shots even more spectacular. But here's where the real excitement kicks in – can you prove your prowess and snag all 3 stars in each level? It's time to show off your skills and master this golfing puzzle extravaganza!

10,869 play times

How to Play Just Golf Game

Tap and hold the screen to aim, release when ready to throw the ball.

Just Golf Game Walkthrough: