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Welcome to the most exciting, modern twist on classic 8-ball pool! Whether you're flying solo against the clock or competing with friends on a single device, get ready for a gaming experience like no other. We've taken the beloved rules of traditional 8-ball pool and injected them with a surge of pure fun and excitement. It's your chance to demonstrate your skills and aim for the win, in a game that's bound to keep you entertained for hours. Best of luck to all you fine ladies and gentlemen out there – let the games begin!

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PC controls: Mouse. Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices.

A look back at the best Pool / Billards Game titles ever released

Believe it or not sport simulation games have played an important role in the history of arcade games, by helping to prove that visual action styled games were an actual possibility on computers. The first attempts at creating a playable pool a billards video game was for the older Odyssey 2, Atari and Amiga consoles, but their technological limitations game-play was bland and players had only a bird's eye view of the table and balls. Pocket Billards (1980): This is one of the first popular billards video games available; it was released by Magnavox for the Odyssey 2 console and had 2 game-play types, standard and 8-ball. The controls were very simple; players could direct the cues angle by moving the joystick left or right and then control the power of the shot by holding down the action button for a certain amount of time. Graphics were simple making use of a selection of blocks of color and there was only one view from above looking down on the table. Billards (1984): Released by Konami for the Nintendo Virtual Console it was a follow on from Super Billards game put out the previous year and a successful step up from previous attempts to create a working pool game. Although it had the same bird's eye view and simple graphics as older titles, this version became one of the more popular titles of the time, offering smoother more realistic ball movements, richer sound effects and accurate player control ability.

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